Sunday, November 1, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #40: Under The Sea, Death Awaits


These deadly swimmers are dedicated to Ms. Marce, a good friend of mine whom I don't know what I do without ;), thanks for the support!

Marce appeared as the headless zombie a few Zombeez ago, and since then it has always been in my mind to make her another caricature...just wouldn't be right if I left her a head on a platter :P (refer to Zombee #17)

Ms. Marce is a big fan of the animals, especially sea animals, even has a pic of her and a sea turtle, so I decided that would be the subject of her caricature..

As far as compared to the rest of the series, Marce's caricature, although it may not seem it, is one of the most complicated as far as the process in creating it...Marce's caricature, Zombee #40, required a good combination of both Photoshop and sum it up, blue color scheme for everything and Gaussian blur the hell outta everything, haha.

I hold #40 as another fave of mine of this series.

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