Sunday, November 1, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombeez #41 thru 47

Zombee #41: One Giant Leap for Zombie Kind


Mr. Neil Armstrong ;), dedicated to my friend Gabe, who has been here to support me through numerous artistic endeavors, always lending out a good suggestion here and there, including in these series, thanks man!

Zombee #42: Presidente del Muerto


Mr. President, dedicated to my other friend the other Gabe, ha, thanks for the request!

Zombee #43: Smile, You're Dead!


This lovely zombie is dedicate to my cuz Sammy! Love ya cuz!

Zombee #44: Dead Salon


This colorful zombie is dedicated to mi amiga arte <--probably said that wrong, Claire, thanks for the request! Zombee #45: Advisor to the Undead Photobucket

This Happy Go Lucky Zombie is dedicated to my ol' South Texan Advisor, Dr. Flores, 'preciate all you do sir, hope you like your caricature!

Zombee #46: Ms. Zombie PR Rep


This eerily vivacious zombie is dedicated to my friend Adriana, thanks for the support and request!

Zombee #47: The Zombie Next Door


This Aphroditic zombie dedicated to my friend Suzette, 'preciate the support, hope you like it!

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