Sunday, November 1, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombeez #48 thru 54

Zombee #48: Red-Eyed


Dedicated to my friend Ms Katy, thanks for the request! Ms. Katy's zombie I am particularly happy with, very zombie creepy ;)

Zombee #49: One Flew Over The Zombie's..Nest


A movie that has been on "must see" list for awhile, hoping to catch this soon! I knooow someone requested this b/c I remember thinking I have to do this one (glad I did!) but can't rememer who requested it, so please lemme know who!

Zombee #50: Epic


The epic battle b/w two legends, dedicated to my friends Gabe and Allison, preciate the support guys!

Zombee #51: Red-Neck Undead


This red-neck zombie dedicated to my friend Cody, hope you like it!

Zombee #52: The Kittyman


Kittyman Undead, dedicated to Mr. Sammy, the Kittyman ;), thanks for the request!

Zombee #53: Undead Boxers


These "comic booky" zombies dedicated to Allison, thanks!

Zombee #54: El Matador Muerto


Dedicated to the lovely Monica, preciate all the requests and support! :D.

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