Sunday, March 29, 2009



The initial drawing I scanned actually had the face sitting nicely on the bottom of the paper with the "spring" and brain attached it following the laws of gravity so that the brain was actually in front of his face...but through the magic of photoshop and illustrator we changed that ;).

I wanna play more with composition and make the 'toons more "interactive" with the "canvas".

Play that jazz Daddy-O


For these new "doodle" style toons i've been drawing, i have been wanting to do something with music, specifically jazz music, since it was such an early influence on me and something that is dear to my heart..

I actually got the idea for the initial sketch from a poster of a kid playing a trombone at a UIL event I was judging...I quickly sketched it in my pad and then from there made a couple more drafts and came out with this puppy...



First of all...III'MM BAAACCKKK!!! Haha, sorry for the absentness lately, lotta x factors and such have kept me from updating, but here we are again!

I have always been a fan of Greek mythos, and even more so of a fan of Greek mythos monsters and thought it would be cool to do a drawing of one..

The hydra, if you are unfamiliar with the tale, is one of the beasts Heracles (or Hercules in Roman) had to slaughter for one of his twelve tasks (look it up if you get a chance, interesting tale).

The fun thing about the hydra though is, when you cut off one of its heads, TWO would grow in its place...making this a daunting task for even a demi-god.

Heracles finally killed the beast by searing each of the neck stumps as he cut off that head, so that no heads could replace the severed ones...

Anywho, here's my hydra!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Once" tribute


Once is a modern-day musical/documentary style film with the Swell Seasons Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová...good movie, if you haven't seen it, check it out!

Anyways i drew this whilst listening/half-watching the movie.

Doodle Series #7


I didn't get much sleep last night and as a result waaas pretty lethargic today...i sat down intending to draw and ended up just crashing out earlier today for a nice lil' nap..

This is how i felt BEFORE the nap.

Doodle Series #6


Its been a long time now since i've had one of those days where my plate is beyond full and my brain is about to explode...i had one of those days the other day...boy do i miss those times ;).

Doodle Series #5


So i was having one of those "don't wanna do anything b/c i feel lethargic but there's nothing on tv" days. it actually took me awhile to get myself motivated to draw this one, haha.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monster Squad Alternate Coloring


Well after the MS tribute drawing, i really wanted to try something else as far as coloring..not b/c i didn't like the other one, juuust i had another idea as far as color scheme and wanted to see how it looked..aaand this is what came from that.

Monster Squad tribute


Anyone remember the movie "Monster Squad"? I bought it a few months ago b/c i remember seeing it when i was smaller and thought i would get it for nostalgic cheesy and b-movie as it is, it has some good qualities to it and, being a big monster fan, i still dig it..i mean, in what other movie can a 12 yr old kid punch the wolfman in the gnards, haha.

So this is a doodle of all the monsters you see in the film.



I was having a block a lil' earlier today and asked a good friend for an idea aaand i was told "africa"..whiiich is pretty broad, haha, but i decided to focus on the animals you would find in the lovely continent.

played around with the gradient coloring on this one, wanted to give it an "earthy" color scheme.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

twitter background


so i recently just signed up for twitter, and this is the background i created for my profile..i think i'll be using this face for logo works and such ;).



So alotta these sketches i take and scan and do a quick color job in illustrator...this one particularly came from one initial "skullion" drawing, which i just copy and pasted a lot and added a color scheme too.

Doodle Series #4


So the last week or so i've been sick with a sore throat but, for some reason on tuesday and tuesday only, i was attacked with nausea and a "woozy", dizzy feeling all day..

Those who don't know my current situation, i've become the "family driver" and had to pick up the siblings, drop them off, etc, alotta driving chores...

Aaaannndd this is how i felt, haha. Never drive woozy if you can avoid it.

Killa Doughnut


So over the last couple years as a request for a friend i've drawn this "killer cupcake" toon...i'll post it up soon i think to show ya guys but i got inspired the other day to expand on the whole killer food idea..

and thats how this lil' baby was created...just decided to go with another bakery good and went from there..the red ink was a last minute add-on, liked how it turned out.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fetus Doodle


I wanted to do a quick doodle and for some reason, "hey i know, a fetus!" came into my mind..

The coloring with the gradient and circles and such came in at the last minute...initially it was just going to be a two-color scheme, but i decided to throw in different shades of the colors as well as a gradient background.

Doodle Series #3


So since I've been home-bound for a lil' while now, ha, i usually watch some tube while i'm sketching and have a good idea of the early afternoon lineup...

I've become a fan of the sci-fi series, "A Haunting", which poorly betrayed people tell true accounts of personal ghost horrible actors retell the story with semi-cool special effects...they're trying, i give them that, but either way i'm hooked so they are doing something right, right?

I decided to go for a monochrome look to this one. I really gotta learn how to color on trace/live paint on illustrator is great but i thiink i have a lot to gain if i learn the photoshop way.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

sketchy bear


i've been nauseous the better part of my what better medicine than doodling!

i recently saw this movie, "Grizzly Man", which is GREAT by the way, and stiiilll need to turn it into Blockbuster, so i grabbed the dvd and drew an interpretation of the bear on the front cover.

i used a regular ink gel pen and just hatched away. i like the "sketchy" look, makes drawings more energetic i think.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Number 2 in Doodle Series


Haha, I'm rather happy with this one...I went down to my living room to draw and got hungry and decided to heat up some beans....then the idea of jumping beans for my toon came up...then this drawing eventually bore its head into my brain.

New Cartoon Series: "Doodle" style

So I am trying a new style of cartooning...a more "loose" look..something i've been wanting to do for awhile...

i don't wanna concentrate too much on subject matter but rather on the style, the techniques i use to make the actual cartoon...commence the "doodle" style blogs! i'll try to update this as much as i can, these "doodle" style tons will be used as a study for my understanding of this new experimental style i'm trying out...

i don't wanna put myself in a corner by saying this but everyday (or almost everyday) i will try to make a new toon...these toons will consist mainly of observation and self-portraits of things i did or thought about during the day...

no pencil will be used and, as you can see in these first two i'm putting up, medium will consist of a fine point ink pen, and then digital work (i might use markers at other times) for coloring...this will help to make the lines more "spontaneous".

with that said, here's my first one:


i like this one so much i think i just might incorporate it into my logowork as well as any marketing i do for myself on flyers and such...

this first one actually was the 4th trial, took some thinking on my part to get the look i wanted...hopefully it doesn't take as long on the others!

anywho, lemme know what you think, thanks!

Old Cartoon


Here's an older toon i did, part of a project I'm still putting all the pieces together of.

Lemme know whatcha think!

So once I figure all this out

I'll be posting my doodlings on here...kinda new to this all, so just gimme a day or so and there'll be drawings galore!!!