Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brain Dance


Title explains this one pretty well. haha.

I'm feeling more confident in my colors now, happy with the way my doodles are turning out.

The Boogy


I'm starting to incorporate some of my graphic d skills w/ my doodling, which i'm diggin'...

This one actually started with the name "boogie man", buut i decided to shorten it and to change the spelling, to give it a twist from the usual.

I started with the letters and from there drew the mouth around, then the teeth...theeen i thought, eyes, aand a loot of wild hair...horns were a last minute deal.

Doodle Series #13


Haha, ironically the caricature i do of myself that is poor is almost #13..coincidence?

This is how i felt today, even though I've been broke for a lil whiles now, just really thought about it during the day...

Ah well, as long as you enjoy life right?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Toothless Grin


There was a poem I wrote awhile back that ran more like a thought process of an underdog boxer, as he was battling to stay conscious and continue the fight..

At the end of the poem or "story", he is knocked on the ground, but thinks of all his family, friends, gets motivation and gets up at the last second and smiles "a toothless grin".

King of All Monsters Tribute


A tribute to one of my fondest childhood memories, Godzilla!

There was a time i could name almost every monster Godzilla had to fight, buuut that was up to the Heisei Godzilla series, where I started losing track...he will always have a special place in my heart...

Monkey Head #3


The more i draw these ironic monkey headed toons, the more i dig it!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Doodle Series #12


Been a bit nostalgic, and this emo-ish picture came as a result.

Death From Above 1979 Tribute


Another one of my favorite bands (that are split up. :( ), i was listening to a song of theirs and drew this while listening..

My own version of the DFA 1979 elephant man ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Head


Ya ever wonder whats going on in your friends mind?

Be careful what you ask for..muahaha



I drew this lil sucker for the sole purpose of copying/pasting him over and over again in the fashion he is currently in..

My original intent was to give his copies mohawks and caps and such to diversify them, but the coloring system worked well by itself and decided to keep it like that.

Doodle Series #11


Sometimes I wish I had multiple arms..or tentacles, whatever, so i can do more things simultaneously..

Multi-tasking TO THE MAX.

Mad Dog Pirate


I started incidentally drawing the hair, not knowing what i was going to draw, theeen decided an eye patch would be nice, and the rest soon followed.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Robot Angel Thing


This one is somewhat more "serious", the idea of robots having souls..this particular one "dying", looking up to the skies for an answer...

I sketched this while taking a break at work, 10-15 minute period, random..aaas everything else i post here, haha.



I like to make funny one panel toons, and this cartoon kinda represents my humor..pretty well actually, haha

Monkey Head #2


I get on these lil' kicks lately and draw a series of whatever until the chiste is gone basically, haha..and I think I found my new thing...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Doodle Series #10


This is how i felt today..i've recently joined up with a couple freelance where you have tooons of contests to choose from, but you are "battling" other graphic designers for the $..they tell you the brief, you come up with the logo and submit it with everyone else and they choose the this is how i look like when i'm in my "competitive mode", haha.

Wolverine Tribute


Ya ever read the old Wolverine? where he is in the brown and orange uniform? personally i think thats when he was most badass....

This is a "doodle" style tribute to my man with the claws.

This is how he shoulda looked like in the latest movie ;)...cept..proportionate, haha.

Monkey Head on a Stick


Haha...i have no idea where this came from.

Well, i lie, i initially started this drawing with the cute monkey head, but i didn't like where it was going and BAM just like that, it became a monkey head on a stick, held by some...weird multi-footed creature.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Arcade Fire Tribute: Antichrist Television Blues


So for awhile now, i've been wanting to do a tribute 'toon to the band Arcade Fire's song "Antichrist Television Blues"...

Everytime i hear that song i get this different imagery in my head, and this drawing kinda represents what i see...

If you haven't checked out Arcade Fire before, open up another tab on your internet and look them up right now!

Haha, one of my favorite bands in the world, very inspirational stuff.

This drawing is actually a work in progress so you may see a few more versions..Lemme know what you think! thanks!

Talk to the Hand


You ever have someone that just keeps going on and on and on...

and on?

haha, this a thems people ;)

Googly-Eyed Monster


I just love drawing 'Zilla-type monsters, and this lil' creature I drew up whilst in the backseat of my friend's car on the way back to the house.

I'm also seeing a trend in me using red and yellow in these simple drawings, really dig how the colors work together.

Doodle Series #9


So this is part of the ongoing "doodle" series where I draw how I am feeling during that day..I am going to try mix up styles and techniques and such...i drew this you can when i felt that my time might better be used napping, haha.

Fetus Revisited


Hey guys,

Sorry about the laaaate updating, been kinda absent the last week or so on this site, been crazy busy!

Hopefully now will be back to updating regularly...seems like i can update continuously for a lil' while and then a "hiccup" in my schedule occurs that keeps me from updating..i'll try to lessen the occurrence of said hiccups ;)

Anywho, this sketch is "Fetus Revisited" and is a tribute to my fetus series that i was so involved in a few weeks back..

I got a couple new inking pens with reaaally fine points, so you'll be noticing a lot more hatching in my doodlings.