Monday, August 17, 2009

Gunslinger...FROM HELL


Haha, sorry I just cracked myself up at my own title. I've done a couple of sketches of this guy, but I really wanted to make him dynamic so gave him the classic gun in face pose. At some point in my life, I would like to draw up actual comics, maybe an independent company but still...aand this would most likely be the style i use. ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mr. Smash


for some reason i really just like titling my pieces with the prefix "Mr." to it...makes it a lil' more catchy for me.

anywho, here's a doodling i did of one of my favorite marvel heroes, the hulk.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Keith Richards tribute


My good friend Sam was curious how I would draw up Mr. Keith here after seein' the Mick Jagger I drew up, so this is for him. Thank you good sir for the inspiration.

upside down guy with brain falling outta head


drew this while i was waiting to be picked up for work a couple mornings ago

Apple with a leg coming outta its mouth


Title kinda says it all, haha.

Like I said, my best stuff comes when its completely random, and this..was..completely random...drawing just in pen, i start out with a single line and from there decide if its going to be a monster, robot or in this case, a fruit...then the idea develops...

what does this mean? an apple gagging on a human leg that is coming outta its mouth? seemingly nothing.... ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mr. Mickey Jag


so the eastwood drawing got some good reviews, i wanted to try a different celeb, this time a famous musician aaannd i got mr. mick jagger.

when googling pics i came upon warhol's print of him (should def check it out if ya get a chance) and decided to tribute to not only the jagger, but to the warhol as well, so i used the same color scheme and style, for the most part.

thanks goes to klari!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mr. Frankenstein's Monster


You know, for the longest time I just thought the monster was named "Frankenstein"...he really doesn't have a name does he?

I shall name him..Larry..Larry the Frankenstein's Monster.



So I doodled a couple other monsters in the same day aaand this is one of the results of those doodlings.



A quick doodle of the Merman from Creature of the Black Lagoon..still one of my favorite hollywood monsters.

Mr. Dirty Harry


I asked for a Hollywood celebrity and Clint Eastwood was the winner. A lil' dedication tto one of the toughest celebrities over 70 out there.

Bug A La Mode


so here's the bug "suicide": a mix of a moth, mantis, cicada, ant lion aaand a cricket. ;) thanks guys

So i asked for famous monster movies and put together the different ones that i was given...has a bit of The Fly, The Blob, Gremlin aaand Judge Doom (from Who's Framed Roger Rabbit)

It's always fun putting together pieces of this and that together, always wields interesting results!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



So i wanted a mythological creature to draw and my friend gabe says "Manticore!"

I've always read about the creature but never really have had the pleasure of drawing one...3 rows of teeth, a man's head, lion's body..scorpion tail...beastly thing, you would wonder how i haven't drawn one with my love of monsters.

Thanks to Gabe!

Crazy beat-up disco dancin' koala

Photobucket says it all, haha.

i asked my friend Klari for an animal to draw..started with the left ear, did the right, then got one eye then the other...and drew the body..i drew one eye slightly bigger and actually a lil tweck aaand since i draw solely in pen now, i changed that to a punched in cheek and gave him a band-aid...

when i drawn the whole koala, i then decided to add a disco ball...can't go wrong with disco ;)

thanks goes out to klari!

Monday, August 3, 2009

"Mr. Rai Kneau"


Seemingly my best stuff is COMPLETELY random and not AT ALL conceived or notioned before my fine point india ink pen touches my drawing book paper...I don't draw with pencil for any of these and I just start with a line..and from there, relying on cartoon instinct, I make a face, usually a brow oor a nose, and work it from there..

I really like this one,this is definitely the direction I wanna head...mixing photoshop/illustrator elements as well as design with my love for cartoons...just gotta keep at it!

"Pork Shoes"


Hey ya blogarees and blogaroos out there, a friend of mine gave me an animal, Mr. Pig here aaand from there, I just wanted to make it as random as possible..and the first thing I really wanted to do with the image was to somehow mend the pig with a i gave him clown shoes..and a skirt..that I can't explain, just kinda with the shoes, haha.