Sunday, June 14, 2009

Graphic Doodles #5 : "BANG"


I'm trying more graphic "elements" in these graphic doodles, dig the way this one came out, reminds me a lil' of frank miller...he still whoops my butt, but still...i like to dream

Friday, June 12, 2009

Graphic Doodles #4 : "Kick"


I know this is something created by me, but it makes me smile.

Graphic Doodles #3 : "Stomp"


The others I just worked on I had trouble with design/layout, but for some reason...this was pretty easy

Graphic Doodles #2 : "Pow!"


Here's my second attempt at my new "graphic doodle" series. I want to do some with some creative phrases and others with action verbs..."pow!" is always a good action verb to start off with ;)

Graphic Doodles #1 : "The Cowpoke"


Sorry for the late update, buuusy week! Have a few others i'm working on tonight that I'll be uploading..for your pleasure ;), haha.

For awhile now I've been playing with the idea of combining text w/ graphics for some new I sketched this half-face and decided to go for it..

So be expecting a few of these for awhile ;), hope you like it!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Microsoft Paint Doodle #2


I did this one yesterday at my friends...again in computer class, this was the eeeasiest type of drawing to do...the "smiley face", where you take a circle and just add features to it and make it a face...i must've created over 100 something faces..of which 3 or 4 are saved, haha, but yeah..i miss those Paint days...things were so much more simple then ;)

Microsoft Paint Doodle #1


So before the time of Corel and tablets and Illustrator and Photoshop, the only graphic program I worked with was Microsoft Paint..

I remember my senior year in my computers class, when i was bored, i would draw on there, AAALLL the time, haha...especially when the teacher wasn't looking ;).

Recently at my friend's house I decided to play with the program again, and this is what came from it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Drawing Day 2009


Drawing Day 2009 is tomorrow, June 6th!!!

For this particularly wondrous day, I've drawn inspiration from a good friend of mine and our university mascot...minus the wings, haha.

At first I was going to do a realistic approach, but thought it might be funner if I did it in the style I've been using the past couple months.

Hope you guys enjoy!

A Talented Koala


A Koala that can draw dresses, dance and draw...whhiiiille sleeping! Haha this one is dedicated to a friend of mine, whom i hope likes the piece ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2009



....this is going to be my favorite for awhile, haha. notice that i used three different washes aaand an acrylic white.

did i say how much i love corel? b/c i'm saying it again...i love corel.

The Truth is Out There


Or in my blogspot. ;). Just a doodle of a nice lil' alien...well actually, looks kinda evil. :| .

Figure Study: Devil Thingy Ma Bob


Just playing around with figure dynamics and washes. I love corel.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sketchy sketch sketch


Just playin' around with dynamic muscles, keepin it really loose.

Friendly Beast


I was watching the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, can't wait for the movie!

So I drew up this lil' guy, all in Corel...amaaazing all the different effects it has!

Monkey Head #4


New Monkey Head for the series...first one done in Corel ;)

Two-Mouthed Monster


Doodlin' with Corel, I first started at the top of the head and the idea evolved as I got to the second face..

color/mixing test


experimenting with the different brushes, mixing colors, etc..

slug monster #2


playing with line and color on corel, stiilll trying to get the hang of it...i've never gotten the hang of the pen/tablet, need practice!

corel drawing test #1


so i've got this brand new shiny wacom tablet, and with it came corel, a drawing/painting programs i've ALWAYS wanted to try...i've heard so many GREAT things about it...

i have spent the last 4-5 hours just playing around, so it seems that my drawings will be now tootaally digitally generated...up to this point i had drawn everything/scanned/colored in illustrator..

this was drawn/colored entirely on corel, hopefully will only get better from here!