Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #33: Wahlberg


Mr. Wahlberg dedicated to the candle lady, Ms. Moni ;), hope its to your liking. I decided to use one of Mark's old model pics for this one ( i know how much gals like lookin' at cartoon men abs, so i had to deliver!) and corpse it up a bit...I've always been a fan of that "lets sepia the hell outta everything else except for the glaring eyes" color scheme you see with photoshopped pics and whatnot, and decided to do that with this drawing, to give Wahlberg a bit of a creepy look.

Ms. Moni is a good friend of mine and runs a lil' candle business, so if any of you guys or gals lookin' to buy a candle, check out her site at:

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #32: Mr. Undead California


Mr. "I'll Be Back" is dedicated to my friend Joey, hope you dig it man!

Mr Governor, well...I couldn't resist but to give him the T-1 metal skeleton...just had to be done ya know? I did bloody him up a bit to "justify" the metal skeleton, but yes..I deduct points on myself for not being AS creative as I could have been..don't blame me, blame the badass Terminator movies!!!

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #31: Lil' Red Riding Hood


This red-eyed seductress is dedicated to my friend Karluh, hope ya like it ;).

There's a pic of Ms. Karluh in a Halloween costume of Ms Riding Hood, and I couldn't resist but to "zombify" that pic. As with Zombee #28, I went with a monochrome for the color scheme and am happy with the result.

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #30: Hannibal


Mr. Lecter here is dedicated to my good friend Kirk, appreciate the suggestion man! Kirk had the idea of Hannibal eating a human as himself and not a zombie, eating someone with a group of zombies...i couldn't resist, haha.

At some point I would like to come back to develop this drawing some more, but for now I think this will do ;).

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #29: Zombie Luv


This lovely zombie mother/daughter duo dedicated to one of my favorite people in the world, KLARI! :D, hope you dig it!

This zombie pic makes me all warm and fuzzy inside..i think it has to be a couple of the happiest zombies I've ever seen..or at least the happiest in this series of drawings, haha.

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #28: The Purple Undead


This purple zombie vixen dedicated to Ms. Arnette ;).

You know I've noticed that all these women caricatures are poppin' up in the series, I've really have had no guys volunteer themselves to be zombified..whats the deal guys! the gals are showin' you up!

Haha, this leads though to some interesting creative problems I've run to make a zombie "pretty" and "sexy" whiiiile maintaining essential "zombiness"..A couple solutions you'll have noticed is different types of clothing, chunks of flesh missing from different areas, nooot too much showing of bone though..and blood..I've done a couple with stitching now, but I'm relying heavily on color scheme as well...

With that said, I remember somehow that purple is Ms. Nette's favorite color (or at least i think it is..for some reason I think I know this), so I placed a dark purple background on the back of my drawing and from there just played around with some lighter purples 'til I got the result you see before you.

Monochromatics, two thumbs up!

Monday, October 26, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #27: Mr. Depp


Mr. Depp is dedicated to one of my ol' advertising buds, Crystal, HAF represent!!! :P, Mr. JD here was a fun draw. I sketched him really quick "caricature-style", had to be less than 10 minutes, and then just added a few "zombie features"..I wanted to give him more of a "comic booky" feel, so I gave him reaaaally slighted eyes and alotta lines for the exposed gum/ far as style/technique, I'm really happy with how Depp came out, I'd like to say as the series continues I am finding more of my "niche" for these zombie caricatures.

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #26: Death Throttle


This car from hell is dedicated to Travis, thanks for the request man!

This zombie pic is the second "inanimate object" zombie of the series, the first being the pineapple (check back to Zombie #10 see what I'm talking about).

As a cartoonist, this is where I can have the most fun...I mean, caricatures are fun things, BUT making an inanimate object into a being, capable of physically displaying emotions, is something that I thoroughly enjoy, b/c I am creating these features from scrap vs a caricature where those features are already set for you, i.e. the eyes, how far apart they are; big, small nose; etc etc . <---totally NOT grammatically correct, haha.

I wanted to do more with the background, maybe even photoshop a couple blurred trees to give a sense of speed but alas, I only have so much time to create these drawings, which is the reason I stick with the "styles" I've been using...and actually, in these last few posts I've gotten a lot faster...before in the last couple weeks I've only been able to draw 2-3 in an hour or so, today I drew 6. :D.

I always like giving myself projects like this to do, where I get to interact with everyone and simultaneously get the practice and experience I need to further myself as an artist, so a big THANK YOU to everyone who's been supporting me!

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #25: Mr. Poe


Mr. Poe is dedicated to Ms. Audrey :D, thanks for the request!

Edgar has one of those faces that just say "caricaturize me!" so I over-emphasized his features, including his wiiiiiide forehead. I had a couple different color schemes in mind but settled on this "moody green". I just had a thought I should have added a raven. Damnit. Oh well....nevermore. <--couldn't resist.

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #24: Blue Found a Clue


You know, I gotta say, i was really excited to make this zombie caricature :P, dedicated to Mr. Gabe, whose suggestions/requests have also been seen throughout this series, thanks A LOT!

I decided to make steve one of my creepier creations and give him the "black bleeding eye sockets", which i think worked great with the rest of the pic...the bloody paw was a last minute add-on but i think it helps add a dab of morbid humor to this zombie piece.

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #23: Barney Loves You


And let all your childhood nightmares come to life in this drawing, haha. This zombified dino is dedicated to my lovely sis, hope you like it ;).

When I got this request, as with some of these zombies, I kinda had an idea of what I wanted to do already...I knew I wanted to make it a "black silhouette" with some blood from his mouth, as far as the color scheme I wasn't too sure until I actually scanned it and was working on it here on the computer...

I was never a Barney hater..I liked and watched him when I was growing up...he's still around right? ...maybe he'll check this out, anybody got his twitter? :P

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #22: I was a Dead Photographer


This pretty zombie is dedicated to one of my favorite Austinites, Ms. Monica, ;). Monica has also suggested some of the zombie creations from earlier back in this series, so thanks so much for the support!

I always really liked this particular picture of Monica, which this drawing is based off..the composition, the space..

I wanted to keep the color scheme very "subtle" and not pop out as much as some of the other zombie drawings, and kinda keep to the general color scheme of the actual photo, just a lil' darker.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #21: Jill the Happy Cadaver


This happy zombie is dedicated to one of my biggest and bestest fans, Jill! Jill's been a big supporter of my art for awhile, very much appreciated :D.

When Jill requested zombification, I instantly thought of this pic of her, I like the composition a lot and thought it would be awesome for the zombee pic. I wanted to keep it fun and "poppy", but i think the composition is what carries the drawing.

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #20: Sasha the Dead Lady in Red


This lovely red zombie mistress is dedicated to Ms Sasha ;). In the pic I used as reference, she is actually wearing a red dress so I thought I would keep that and instead make it red bandages. For the background, I wanted to keep it simple so I kept the same "bandage" pattern....if you have a lil' graphic know how, goes a long way ;).

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #19: Christine the Undead Journalist


This zombie vixen is dedicated to Ms.Christine, hope its to your liking ;).

I decided to go with a more "frankenstein-ish" color scheme for this one and for the eyes, i tried something a lil' different to make this drawing a lil' more..terrifying..buahahaha.

Friday, October 23, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #18: Teddie Roosevelt


Mr. Teddy is dedicated to my ol' friend Marty, hope you doin' good man, and that you like this drawing!

Like I've mentioned before, I wanna take these zombie drawings to another level, as far as how "scary" they look...I want to go "darker" with at least some of these this one is a step in that direction...

For this particular effect, I stayed away from using any "bold" lines and kept all lines pretty thin.....I thought giving no eyes to teddie vs "zombie eyes" would help him to look more morbid, as well as some blood running down his chin...I also kept the lines very "loose" as well as the form...

I'm happy with the way this one turned out and am excited to get a few more to go to "the dark side".

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #17: You Gotta Have Friends


Hahaha, this one is dedicated to my dear friend Marce, hooope you liiike it! :D, if i have some fans that have never been lucky enough to see this ugly mug, i'm the guy on the farthest right, the one with some brain showing..the cats you see with me are some of my best friends, the bodyless one is the one that requested this drawing..she wanted a group pic of us, sooo i was happy to oblige :P.

I wasn't planning on caricaturizing myself for this project, so this'll probably the only one you see of me..and somehow my friend Kirk has ended up in two of these drawings already! Yeah I know, this drawing is a lil' mean-spirited but I don't know what we would do without you Marce!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #16: Che


Zombie Che is dedicated to Monica, who also gave me the great idea of Zombie Warhol...'preciate it :D.

Whenever anyone thinks of Che i think the all black silhouette-ish stencil pic of him comes to mind, which is what i based this drawing on...i tried to make this more "graphicky", again a bit different than i initially intended to go with the series, but sometimes its better to not stick to the straight and narrow, ya know?

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #15: Kirk Fights Zombie Horde


This particular zombie bashing is dedicated to one of very good friends Kirk, hope ya dig it man.

When I asked Kirk for a zombie request, he "surprisingly" wanted to be the one fighting the zombies vs. him being a, if you know Kirk, then you know I expected this, haha, and an idea started to form....I just wasn't sure of the weaponry he would be using...he then messaged me where his zombie pic and why he wasn't "destroying zombies with a machete and a hammer" and i thought.."eureka".

I've been pretty set on stickin' to a particular..mmm "graphic" style for this series, but I notice myself wanting to stray a bit as we get further into the project...this being a good example, I decided to try a different style and make this more "anime" looking..2 reasons..1.) i like anime and i thought the idea i had for the pose/composition it would be a great style and 2.) the style allowed me to create a few "clone" zombies, which i then copy/pasted the hell outa them, to give the effect that Kirk is fighting a hellish, never-ending army of the zombie horde...and yes, i believe that is how he would look if he was fighting a zombie horde.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #14: Lovette the Undead Fashion Designer


This zombific seamstress is dedicated to mi amiga Lovette, hope ya like it!

Ms Lovette is a striving fashion designer so when I was thinking how to "zombify" her, the thought of using stitches and having different skin tones popped up immediately...kinda reminds me of that gal in Nightmare Before Christmas..WHICH was got me inspired to do this project, so it fits.

Keep on sending those requests! BRAAAIIINSSS!!!!

---Check out Lovette's blog spot! All her latest musings on the newest trends and such, good stuff ;) :

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #13: Dori Zombified


This seductive zombstress is dedicated to the lovely Dori, hope you like it ;). This one is sliiightly more vampiric than zombific (?), but I wanted to keep the form very "clean" and soft...then contrast that with plenty of gorey blood, haha. That's a line I've been debating to cross with these zombie drawings and, as we get closer to halloween, I might just cross that line a lil' more than I've been letting good taste though..maybe some bad taste too ;).

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #12: My Dad is a Zombie


This zombified caricature goes out to Ash and Joey, hope you guys like it!

I haven't really used blue yet for a zombie, and the picture I used for reference, he's wearing an orange shirt, so I decided to keep the orange and make him blue..and there's just somethin' about givin' zombies yellow eyes...I actually might argue that for cartoon zombies, yellow is best.

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #11: David Bowie, Labyrinth Edition


So first off this zombie is dedicated to the lovely ms jill, thanks for all the support! :D.

I wasn't sure what to do since Bowie has so many faces, but i know personally the first image that comes to mind is the Goblin thats what I went for ;)

He actually also sang with my favorite band in the world, Arcade Fire, "Wake Up", so Bowie has a special place in my heart..thiiis actually might not be the last you see of him in this series ;)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee 10: Pineapple Madness


Whooooohooo! We finally reachin' the double digits! Hopin' to keep this zombie army growin' ;), keep sendin' me requests!

As you can see, anything can be a zombie..including what may at first seem like a harmless fruit.....'til you fall asleep and it feasts on your brains! buahaha.

Dedicated to the lovely Ms.Dori, this was the first "anything" I've made into a zombie ("anything/everything can be made a zombie"<---quote i've been saying). I actually had to draw this one kinda fast, I was at Half Price Books and had my handy dandy drawing book on me, so I got to work sitting in the coffee shop area while my sis and mom looked through the oh so great deals there.. I'm kinda in a mood for a fruit cup now. note to self: find fruit cup place. Photobucket

<---what a pineapple looks like if you haven't seen one...sorry! couldn't resist :P

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee 9: Rachel Zoe


Ms Rachel Zoe Zombie is dedicated to my good friend Lovette, shout out to her and Noorrby!

Rachel Zoe, I really had no idea who she was honestly and only saw that she had a show while lookin' through the tv guide tryin' to find something to watch...

She's actually a preetty big deal it seems, and actually now I am inspired to catch her show!


I love the expression on her face in this pic I used as a reference to help me caricaturize the lovely lady...I actually liked the quirky expression so much I really didn't wanna add too much or rather take away too much from this, thus I gave her more..."subtle" zombie features on her face and focused on other parts more to give that "hey i'm really dead and i'm going to eat you b/c i'm a zombie" feel. ;).

I actually was pretty happy with the missing hand...I wasn't sure how to pose the hand since its not in the original picture, so i thought "hey...she's a zombie...she doesn't need two hands", and voila.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #8: George Bush


Haha, first off I must apologize to all my Republican friends, but when I got this request Iiii pictured a poke fun caricature.

This goes out to my good amiga Emily, 'preciate the request, hope ya like it!

Again I wanted this one to be humorous and the style I wanted to be "comic booky"..thiiick contour lines with nice thin inside lines.

I thank Ms.Dori for helping me choose the color for the zombie, think the orange works
well ;).

'Til next post folks, keep on keepin' on..BRAINS!

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #7: Van Gogh


Zombee #7 goes out to my friend Felicia, thanks for the idea!

Mr. Van Gogh, great artist, revolutionary art...I used a bit of photoshop on this one for the background vs my other ones which have been strictly illustrator..I actually don't know which ear he cut off but i thought it would be nevertheless to have one ear hanging off, haha.

Still a couple weeks to go and so far its been a blast! Keep them requests coming!

Friday, October 16, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #6: Wild Things


So first of all, "Where The Wild Things Are", the book, has been somethin' that has stuck with me ever since I read it...not so much the story, but the artwork..i've ALWAYS loved the artwork..and so I was very excited when I decided I would draw this guy, in tribute to the book, and the movie, which was released today in theaters...GREAT movie by the way, just came back from seein' it..going on my favorites list ;).

So the quote I used, "I will eat you up I love you so much" is one of the sweetest quotes I've read..buut since this is a dark picture, ironically I think it helps set the mood that much better...

Anyways, it was great fun doing this one, keep sending me your zombie requests! ANYTHING/EVERYTHING can be a zombie!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #5: Jay & Silent Bob


Dedicated to one of my best friends, Mr. Samuel, a tribute to 2 of the funniest men I've ever seen (who Mr. Sam actually introduced me to in "clerks).

With some of these requests I have no idea what I'm going to do until I googled a couple images of the request and from there I'll figure it out..buuut with particular request, I read "Jay & Silent Bob" and BAM! I thought of this almost exact composition...the words to "Berserker" in the back was a last minute addition and I wasn't sure of the coloring, but yeah Jay eating Bob's brain came instantly.

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #4: Hondo, the "W-Mart" Worker


Dedicated to my good ol' friend Hondo, who works in *clears throat* Mart, hope ya like it my friend ;).

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #3: Mika


Mr. Mika as a zombie, dedicated to one of my biggest supporters Ms Jill, thanks for everything :D, this one is for you!


<---the pic i used for reference

When i saw this pose, i kinda pictured the layout/style i used....i think so far this is one of my favorites of the zombeez galore!

Keep sending in those requests!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #2: Warhol


Mr.Andy Warhol Zombie, dedicated to the lovely Ms. Monica, thanks for the idea! So this one took me a lil' longer than Mr. Twain b/c of the 3 additional zombies, but I am happy with the way it came out.

I only was able to get one out today and yesterday buuut hopefully I'll be able to start gettin' two done a day so get ready for more zombifications!

Get at me with your zombie requests!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ZOMBEEZ GALORE: Zombee #1: Mark Twain


Dedication goes out to my friend Gabe who always has some great ideas for me, 'preciate it man. Gabe actually sent me a few to do, which is great! so be expecting more dedications to the man ;).

Mr. Mark Twain kicks off ZOMBEEZ GALORE..for this series, I'm back to usin' the pencil 1st ink 2nd combo rather than just straight ink...its been awhile since i've drawn like this, but both techniques offer different styles and i felt for this series it needed to have a "bolder" ink style as while as a slight "comic booky" feel to it, which I can achieve a whole lot better when I of course sketch it out first...

Here's the pic I used for reference...


If you don't know who Twain is....just google and read Wikipedia ;), haha.

Keep the requests coming! 18 days 'til Halloween!!!



So I was watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas" this morning and in all the commotion and hub-bub I've been goin' through, I didn't realize how close we were to Halloween! One of my favorite holidays, and it got me thinking..what I could do to help commemorate this pagan holiday ;)..

So I am have decided to start ZOMBEEZ GALORE, where your friendly neighborhood cartoonist, me, will take your requests for zombie drawings and post them here on the blog, along with the name of the person the zombie is dedicated to..whether its a pirate zombie, bill cosby zombie...gerbil zombie, WHATEVER, it DOES NOT matter, ANYTHING & EVERYTHING can be a zombie!!!

I'll be takin' zombie requests and workin' on as many as my free time allows me to until Halloween, which will be the LAST day, so send in your requests now b/c ZOMBEEZ GALORE starts TODAY!

Monday, October 12, 2009

"IDK What I Was Thinkin'" Skulls Drawing


So there was this cool Vonage commercial i saw last night where the two people on the phone were posed like they are in this drawing and talkin' to each other, one says to the other "its like you're here with me" and plays around with that for awhile...well i started the drawing, basically just drew the contour lines of the heads and the hands on each of the faces...

Today, half asleep, I wanted to finish up the drawing soooo I've had this thing for skulls lately and decided to make them skeletons..then give them..tentacle arms..and..put them on a pink background...and i actually really like it..i should half asleep more often ;).

SMB Redemption


So i've found a new addiction on the internet called "There Will Be Brawl"...anybody who was a fan of Nintendo though more importantly the game Super Smash Bros MUST check this out..its like Super Smash meets Sin City with a buncha other great movie parodies....set in a post apocalyptic Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi, the main protagonist, tries to unveil the increasing murders happening around the Kingdom and in b/w he meets a slew of Smash Bros characters, all of which have these very cool, dark twists (Kirby is Hannibal Lecter!)..

Anywho I think there are supposed to be 9 episodes in total aand they just finished #7, so I'm anxiously awaiting, doodled this darkish Mario character last night.

Photobucket <-- check it out!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nostalgic memories #1: Fire-Breathin' Monsters


So after posting that Gamera tribute drawing, I decided to use the Godly Google and found the movie poster that I was talking about! Whoo!


During the 60s both Godzilla & Gamera (from what I remember from watching EVERY Godzilla movie made at that time..and this Gamera movie, haha) seemingly put on super hero capes and were the heroes for a good duration...Iiii'm still not too sure on Gamera and whether or not his history is like Godzilla's, but Godzilla def went from bad guy to good guy to bad guy to good guy....mmm vigilante is probably better in describing him yes?

Anywho, this is the one movie of Gamera that I own (still around somewhere) and it was AWESOME, haha, or at least was when I was little...I bet you I still will get all giddy watching it.

Basically 2 kids get kidnapped by these two sexy "alien" asian women who feed them food and make them comfortable, only for them to discover once they are off OFF earth and on the aliens' home planet that the true purpose of their kidnapping was for these aliens to eat their a really whacked out pedophile plot isn't it?

Gamera goes to the planet and fights the aliens "guard dog" , Guiron, this 120 some odd foot knife headed monster-dog thing...After a struggle Gamera wins and saves the day and the kids hitch a ride back to Earth while a chorus of asian kids sing about Gamera..if you ever can get your hands on this, I def recommend it..

What happened to those days of kids loving giant monsters eh? I guess they still have monsters right? Pokemon, monsters but juust not the same, def not the glamour and fame that these two behemoths received back in their day...

I actually have a "Godzilla Compendium" that my mom got for me waaaay back and in it are the descriptions for all the Godzilla movies maaade up to '96 i think along with drawings and all the info a G-fan could want...still one of the best gifts I've ever gotten..

Def some treasured memories there, just gotta sit tight until the "Big Monster" Revival!!! Some day it'll happen ;)


<--- one of my favorite Godzilla movies



So I've been really busy the last couple days, what with the sudden inspired portfolio site "total revamp" aand today have a buncha drawing errands and projects i wanna get done/work on, so I pulled up a drawing I scanned a couple weeks ago but never got to messing around with really...

For those of you not familiar with this cousin to Godzilla, Gamera is a giant radioactive turtle that is basically..well just that, a turtle version of Godzilla..I have still an old 60s movie of Gamera saving a couple kids from some aliens and this knife faced monster...if i watched again you can bet your bottom dollar i'd still be as entertained as i was when i was little, haha.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Brutus the Hedgehog


So this is the 2nd result of the random animal, superhero, robot parts concoction i asked for from my friends...a hedgehog, the hulk, and that popular stretchy dude toy (yeah its not quite robot but i still say it counts!)..i kinda wanted to do more with the background buut at the same time liked it simple like i left it.


Mr Cat - tastic


So I asked my friends to give me an animal, a superhero aaand random robot parts (laser eyes, rockets, etc) aaand this was one of the results of that...a cat, mr.fantastic from marvel aaand robot shoes....I'm happy with it overall, maaaaybe marvel will buy this character from me? Do I have any people from marvel checkin' this out? :P

Sunday, October 4, 2009



Doodled up this lil' guy right before I went to see Zombieland today, which wasn't too bad...outta Zombie Comedies, i still favor Shaun of the Dead, but Z-land still worth a see..

I started with the left eye on this guy and kinda worked arouuund it...I knew I was going to draw a zombie but wasn't sure..the mohawk was a last minute add-on ;).

Saturday, October 3, 2009



So i've been on this blues & jazz bit the last couple weeks, in part to the movie Cadillac Records, which shows the story behind Chess Records and some of the greatest Blues players of our time, Muddy Waters, Little Walter...and Howlin' Wolf..

I just downloaded "Smokestack Lightning" today and if you have never heard it, you should DEF check it out, but anyways, listening to that I drew up this lil' sucker. OooooooOoohh don't you hear me cryiiiing, whooooOoooo...whooooo..

Mr. Darc Night - Batman Tribute


So now i think i'm going to do a small series on some masked capers and of course, how can i pay homage to the supes without dedicating one to the one and only adam west er i mean dark knight.

Never was the biggest DC fan, but the Bats is a pretty influential superhero and will continue to be for a loooong time. Some heroes just got it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Spidey Man Tribute


A homage to one of my most favorite superheroes in the entire world, I think Spidey is the ultimate superhero, facing the problems of everyday life while trying to save the world..I haven't kept up with him as much I liked to in the comics lately, but he will always be a big influence on me as he was one of the initial reasons I got into's to you Mr. Webslinger.