Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ode to the Wolverine


Feelin' in a comic bookish mood, I drew this handy abstract sketch of my favorite claw man...and yes there is more than one (look up war blade...rip claw..yeah, wolverine rip offs)

i think i might play around more with this form in the future..

Hellboy Tribute


So i'm a big fan of the comics, don't keep up as I used to but I will tell you...as soon as i enter a comic book store, its like taking a kid to a toy store..i want anything shiny and colorful...or for more an adult related analogy..its like my crack.

Anyways, I never really got into Hellboy though I heard about it, til after the 1st movie..then i started buying the graphic novels and i was HOOKED.

While watching Hellboy II I drew this homage to the big red guy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

self caricature number 300 kajillion


so this is the newest caricature of myself...i drew this one after a short nap, still groggy i felt a compulse to draw somethin' and landed on making a new caricature...i wanted to do one where i could include that "not quite black black but still black" background i have on it and use those paint splatters that i've been using recently.

The Crab Man


Hahahaha. I love this guy, he came from nowhere and I think I'm going to use him for some future projects. He's kinda Simpsony in form, he literally just started as a mouth and the rest of the details just kinda followed..he's a lil creepy but I like him.

I didn't quite know what to do with him so I made this more of a graphics piece.



So the last few days I've caughten <---(yes i know this is not a word but i actually thought it while typing so i left it to help exemplify my state of mind presently) the flu epidemic spreading around these parts and recovering as we speak...

Today this was the first image that came to mind...pretty much how i was feelin'...not lookin' though..thank god

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Da Hooded Skull


Yeah I know the name is a lil' cheesy but I couldn't really think of anything :|..for some odd reason I had this "pose" in my mind for the last few days..so I finally just drew it out, not knowing where I was going go with it, which is usually the case..for these doodles that I post I just kinda start with an initial idea of a pose..or face, etc...sometimes not even that, I just put the pen to the paper and see what evolves from there..

Octopus #5


So I was able to finally go by Hobby Lobby and replace the "XS" ink pen that I had been using! whooo! The last few drawings I had been using a "F" ink pen, which gives the lines a bit more thickness than I want.

#5 of the Octos, this guy is a distant relative of the others...he's a bit..out there

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Killa Krok


I had this picture of this sneaky lookin' croc in my head aaand this is what came from it...at first I was just going to give it its red eye but then i got a lil more inspired and added some paint splashes.

why do crocs get such bad reps? they don't like..that..feroci...ous..

Bum with Drooling Face on his head


...the title explains it all. ;).

aaand here's another green and pink combo, a nice quick draw and color.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fetus Revisited..Again


Yeah a lil whiles ago it seemed I couldn't touch the pen to paper without drawing a fetus...yeah I don't know why either, buuut I was actually watching House the other day and it showed a fetus aand I was thinking of what to draw and..yeah..this came from that.

Angry Skull


Real skulls wear pink. *wa wah whaaaaah*

Haha, I've had this fascination with hot pink in my last few drawings here and there, thought "angry demon skull...hot pink..why not".

And there you have it. ;)

Friday, September 18, 2009



So you'll notice my other posting has almost exactly the same background, haha..i really dig the varied black backgrounds and thought today i'd use it for both my postings.

If i ever got a parrot, this is the one i want haha

Octopus #4


Started with the eyes on this one and then just worked out the rest of the drawing...the additional eyes on top of the body, when i first started drawing them, seeemed like a mistake, buuut was able to fix it seemingly as i got more into it..

just drawing in ink and working my mistakes or unintentional marks has taught me to be more creative and now have less fear with the whole "do or die" method. ;)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Octopus #3


i think this octo is my favorite so far...even though..he only has 4 tentacles...a...quadropus?

muscley guy


this guy was just a late night sketch, no real purpose to him, but i think he came out nicely

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Octopus #2


another lil' octopus i came up with today..got a feeling i got a few more of these coming up..

"banana split"


so i was walking downstairs, thinking of what i should draw today aaand i thought of theword "banana split" aaand came up with this. aaa lil gruesome but thanks to the color scheme noot as gory as originally intended.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

octo ink


i think i might get on an octopus drawing spree, after this initial drawing i felt a bit compelled to draw another...we'll see what it brings, but i'm liking the direction this is going..something about those 8 tentacled creatures..

red skull guy


another skulliton drawing i made the other day, colored up a bit..this one i decided to go the real simple way..sometimes simple is best ;)

Friday, September 11, 2009



This is a sneak peek of a new series I'm workin' on..I have a few other dinos I drew up and am working on..thiiis is not the final look of it i think, tinkerin' around with colors and such and tryin' to figure out what exactly I wanna do with it.

a colorful skull


'Ello there guys, haven't had internet at the house for a few days so wasn't as easy to update. Fret not, fore the internet has come back today!!!

This lil' sucker came from me being in a "Dia de los muertos" -ish mood, have a couple more I drew that I'll be posting up soon.

Monday, September 7, 2009

self-portrait number 2101014


on my social networks i recently uploaded a pic of me starin into the canadian horizon...thinkin' that was a lil' boring, iii decided to caricaturize that pic and this is what came from that.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"I was in Canada and doodled" Drawing 6


So while walking a trail my friends were telling me about how you can smell a bear coming downwind, smells like trash basically buuUUuuut if they come from behind, you'll never hear them...so I thought "hm, silent killers..like..a ninja". and bam.

"I was in Canada and doodled" Drawing 5


So I've told some of my good friends a few stories 'bout my Canada adventures and if you get lucky you just might hear one ;), but basically I was the only hispanic I saw for almost the entire time I was there...the second to last day I was there I think I saw 2, haha.

"I was in Canada and doodled" Drawing 4


While in the car drivin' by some Canadian scenery "The Uprising" by Muse came on the radio, and I started drawin' this lil sucker..great song by the way if you haven't checked it out

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"I was in Canada and doodled" Drawing 3


So alotta my doodles while I was up in Canada were just like the other drawings I post up here, purely spontaneous and off the top of my head BUT this sucker, I had been wanting to draw the whole time...I KNEW i wanted to draw a moose but the whole time i was up there i couldn't think of a suitable composition/anything aesthetically pleasing/fulfilling...so i drew a buncha other stuff.

it wasn't until the plane ride home did I draw this lil sucker..and yes, the plane was still in canada whilst I drew this in the air...no other place we flew over had those rocky mountains ;).

"I was in Canada and doodled" Drawing 2


So while I was up in good ol' Canada I was told that beavers are nasty lil' things...so I drew...Devil Beaver!!!

"I was in Canada and doodled" Drawing 1

So a big hello to all my blog readers, iiii'm back!!! Sorry I didn't update anybody on this, but I took a flight up to Calgary, Alberta, Canada for some MUCH needed r&r..the life of a starving artist is a very very stressful one ;).

Anywho, I doodled a bunch while I was up there and over the next few days will be sharing some of my best ones...these are in no particular order and actually this first one waaas drawn the...3rd day I was there I believe.

The area I was in had TONS of poplar trees, so I drew this quick lil' thing.