Thursday, December 3, 2009

Condiment Shortage in America: What is going on?!?!




Heya ladies and germs, busy week as usual, hope everyone out there is having a great week and staying outta this cold! (well least down here its getting kinda chilly, at least for us South Texaners!)

So a friend of mine posted about not getting enough ketchup, how this restaurant (which will not be named) only gave him one packet of ketchup...ONE...

How many fries do you usually get in an order? First off, I'm pretty sure no one really counts them, but let's make a guestimate...lets say 20 fooor like a small order...20 fries to one packet of ketchup..considering that most restaurants use packet ketchup and not the small "wells" like say, Whataburger (BEST KETCHUP EVER..i swear they make it w/ crack or something it is so addicting), you'll be lucky to get one scoop of ketchup per fry...

Thats IF you dip once per fry that you have...thats not including double-dipping which, come on, you KNOW you're going to do when you don't have to share your sauce right? Even then...if its someone close to you, you'll double dip...and your friend might double dip...thats two people double dipping a extremely small, ever-decreasing amount of ketchup! The HORROR!

We Americans love our sauce...whether its bbq, hot mustard, ranch, ketchup, or even tartar sauce for those seafood lovers (ME), so when we don't have enough of it, its pretty frustrating...and seemingly, over the last few years, restaurants are giving out less and charging for what was considered the normal amount now considered "extra" sauce packets, cups, wells, etc...

I 'member, back in the day, I could get as many "wells" of hot mustard for my chicken nuggets at McDonald's as my chubby lil' heart desired and now I have to pay an added cost for the same amount of sauces...utter ridiculousness.

I understand that our economy is not in the best of shape, but this started BEFORE THAT.

Really, its the small things in life that keep us going, we are not asking for much...just give us 4 packets instead of 1.....6 instead of 2...

We Americans eat more food, therefore we need more sauce for that is the American way...USA, USA, USA.

Thank you for your time. I'm going to go find something to eat. & break out the ketchup. ;).

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