Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Let The Right One In" movie discussion

So what if Halloween is over, always time for a good horror movie ;)...vampires are over-saturating the markets these days ( though i am a TB fan true and true), but this movie is def an exception to the cliches & mainstream soap box drama we have been accustomed to here...

Let The Right One In is based on a novel by the same name, the author John Ajvide Lindqvist. It's a romantic horror movie about a human 12 yr old boy meeting a vampire girl and the bond that grows between them...Yes i know..twilight..true blood...but this is NOT a "kiddie version" of either, rather its an entirely different "spin" on the whole vampire genre, receiving "widespread international critical acclaim and won numerous awards, including the "Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature" at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival and the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation's 2008 Méliès d'Or (Golden Méliès) for the "Best European Fantastic Feature Film", as well as four Guldbagge Awards from the Swedish Film Institute." <--(from wiki,, but still, pretty sure thats all pretty accurate)

The cinematography, soundtrack, the narrative (AWESOME) work seamlessly together and creates a beautiful environment in which these two characters thrive and grow.

I don't want to give away anything on the movie but this has instantly become one of my favorite movies.

The movie is originally in Swedish and you have the option of watching the english-dubbed version oooor english subtitles with Swedish versions...I watched the latter, personally I HATE dubbed movies, on both aesthetic and moral grounds.

There is a supposed to be an English "re-make" coming out in 2010 by the director who made Cloverfield, who claimed to have "fallen in love" with the movie and will make it more "appealing" to a more "widespread audience", which I'm skeptical about...the movie just came out in 2008 and to the US in 2009, so I personally feel a bit insulted this guy wants to already try to hog the spotlight..I may just boycott this "remake" , haha, its definitely a thought..

Anyways, Let The Right One In is a must see, def go check it out!

Let The Right One In Trailer


  1. I loved this film -- saw it last winter, I think.

    Deliciously gentle and scary at the same time.


    A rare delight from Sweden :)

    I think I even blogged about it too!

  2. hahaha awesome!!! yeah i like that, "deliciously gentle and scary", nice!

    yeah this is one of my favorites now :D, i'm curious as to what other movies this director has...well directed, haha