Sunday, November 8, 2009

Self-Caricature #kajillion and 6, new photoshop tricks


When i first started using Photoshop, i learned a lot of tricks by experimenting on pictures of myself..reason being that i was the subject was i used these tricks while working on default "profile pics" for my that my picture would look really cool...don't judge me :P.

Learning Photoshop this way gave me encentive and motivation to learn new tricks to make even cooler pictures to put on my social profile page..i didn't think back then about using photoshop for coloring my cartoons and never have really used it for such..until now

I've been reading lil' snippets here and there about coloring with photoshop and i realize i'm a bit behind the times with digital coloring, so these last couple of drawings have been experimenting with doing such..

I'm a beginner at water colors, but i really dig 'em and hope to do more of them in the future..with Photoshop, however, i am discovering a method in which i can make a "watercolor effect"...I am excited of the direction this is going.

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